"Welcome to the Rockland Kingdom" is the first comic episode, as well as being part of the Two-Parter Series Premiere of Super Mighty Elementals. The first page of the episode released April 17th, 2020. The amount of pages needed to complete the episode remains indefinitely unclear.


Denver and Theo accidentally got themselves teleported off their home planet, Earth, to a brand-new, yet strangely familiar world, with no way back.


Insert Plot Here.


Main Characters
Major Characters
Minor Characters
  • Valerie Slapowitz (Debut)
  • Mordecai Poindexter (Debut)
  • Rockland Kingdom Royal Guards (Debut)
  • Roxy-Anne Plotz-Blitzen (Debut)
  • The Blitzen Twins
    • Terry Blitzen (Debut)
    • Tori Blitzen (Debut)
Other Characters
  • Brian Morales (The Narrator; Debut)
  • Heat Burnblast (Uncredited Cameo)
  • Rock Quakester (Uncredited Cameo)
  • Earth Civilians (Silhouetted; Partial Debut)


  • Despite Denver and Theo being the main characters, they were not the first and second to respectively debut. They were the second and third to debut. With the exceptions of the silhouetted Earth Civilians, the first to debut was actually Varerie Slapowitz.
  • This episode is part of the Two-Parter Series Premiere of Super Mighty Elementals. The next part of the Two-Parter is the second episode of the series, Become The Heroes.
    • As a result of the Two-Parter episodes not sharing the same title, it is given an official name. "The Chronicled Adventures Of Denver & Theo." which is a callback to the series' previously titled original names.
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