Super Mighty Elementals (stylized as SUPER MIGHTY ELEMeNTALS) is an upcoming webcomic series created by Brian Morales. The first episode released its first page on April 17th, 2020, and updates will begin every Friday after that.


Two extraordinary earth kids Denver and Theo are suddenly magically whisked away to a unknown planet in the solar system with no way of getting back. Surrounded by a sense of familiarity, the boys gather their bearings and both encounter and befriend the locals and the princess of the Rockland Kingdom. As they discover their newfound powers, Denver and Theo will stop at nothing to keep Planet Kardia safe from the evil alien entity, Rexillion, who also kidnaps and wants to marry the princess.


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Main Characters

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  • South Woods
    • (Planet Earth; pre-setting)
  • Rockland Kingdom
    • (Planet Kardia; post-setting)


  • Elementals was once called, "The Chronicles of Nero & Theo." Over the last five years, the aforementioned series has since gone through a major overhaul in series title, character name changes, and overall art designs.
    • As a result, the original wiki, "Nero & Theo Wiki" had been closed down by the series' creator.
    • Several story elements which existed in the original series concept were omitted from or changed in 'Super Mighty Elementals.'
      • Denver and Theo were originally going to travel to Tri-Star Village, a giant, asteroid-shaped slab of land mass floating in outer space in Planet Kardia's orbit, per Princess Cleo's request, in order to obtain their respective elemental powers. It was instead changed to have Roxy-Anne and Kenix give them their powers due to Rexillion kidnapping Princess Cleo early.
        • As a result, the concept idea of having Denver and Theo travel to Tri-Star Village was made as a standalone episode.
      • The weapons Denver and Theo were originally sent by Princess Cleo to find and respectively used, the Ki Staff and the Ice Blaster, no longer exist in the current series.
        • In addition, the Psychic Amulet, a powerful neckwear that grants the wearer Psychokinetic abilities like Mind-Reading and Invisibility, was also removed as certain characters in the current series will or already have awakened their Psychokinetic abilities. But nothing like Mind-Reading or Invisibility.
      • The concept of having Princess Cleo send Denver and Theo on quests like those above were omitted and/or changed for obvious reasons.
      • Denver and Theo's Earth clothes were originally going to change into their concurrent outfits upon obtaining their elemental powers. They are instead gifted to them and received tailor-made by Princess Cleo after saving her from Rexillion.
        • Their Elemental Emblems, dubbed 'Ele-Emblems', were intended to remain fused to their chests in the original concept. They are now removable and adjustable in the main series.
      • Denver and Theo, along with some others in the future, are given special birthmarks located on the left side of their backs. A concept that didn't exist in the original series. The birthmarks have a history behind them, but they will eventually be discussed in time.
    • Super Mighty Elementals is planned to have six seasons in total, with ten episodes each.
      • However, Seasons 3 and 4 are the only seasons with more episodes than the other seasons, at 20 each. Thus, bringing the total number of all episodes to 80.
  • As the Narrator of the series, his physical presence in the story bears no significance to the series whatsoever. As a result, his presence to any characters is mostly ignored. On the other hand, this doesn't make him a completely useless character. In the event the heroes are put in a situation that leaves them totally helpless, therefore, halting the flow of the story, the Narrator will take it upon himself to clear those obstacles and free the heroes so the story can continue, but only when the situation calls for it.
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